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Vidaraid Adventure Team is an international adventure racing team based in USA and Spain, and is comprised of 4 outstanding athletes, all of whom compete together in adventure racing and rogaining.  Both sports have their foundations in orienteering, which is the modality in which the team excels the most. The four athletes also individually compete in mountain biking, ultra trail running, xterra triathlon, kayaking and every type of orienteering race.


In 2005 Vidaraid entered the world of adventure competition, beginning in the Spanish Adventure League. In 2008 and 2009 after acquiring some experience, the team started to achieve noteworthy results, and became Spanish Champions, placing 11th in the Adventure Racing (AR) World Championship. 


In 2010, the team saw its international recognition by finishing 2nd place in the Patagonian Expedition Race, and 5th place in the AR World Championship. Today, the team is setting the standard in this sport worldwide, raising the bar after winning multiple World Series Races including: the Costa Rica Adventure Race in 2011, Gold Rush Mother Lode (California, USA) in 2012, Ecomotion Pro (Brazil) in 2012/2013 and finally placing as runner-up of the World Championship for both 2013 and 2014.


Team Vidaraid is currently in 3rd place in the overall AR World Championship ranking and is looking forward to achieving even better results and pushing the limits of success in this sport throughout 2018.



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