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Columbia Sportswear Company is the main Sponsor of team Columbia Vidaraid. Columbia is a leading innovator in the global outdoor apparel, footwear, accessories and equipment markets. Columbia range of products play an extremelly important roll on the team's performance. We are ready to face any weather condition around the world with confort and safety.

226 ERS is committed to developing the best products with the most natural ingredients and of the highest quality. Information on reducing or eliminating sugar, not using palm oil for ecological reasons and having gluten-free and vegan products, are part of the philosophy of the brand.


Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer that is recognized as the world's largest bicycle manufacturer. Giant has manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, the Netherlands, and China.

Light and Motion has been designing and building lights for over 20 years. Their quality and effectiveness are way above their competitor. SECA, STELLA and SOLITE are incomparable products and they make all the difference when you need good visibility at night time. We are lucky to have them on board and support our team with ultralight and extremely powerful lights.


Our passion for cycling and our wide experience at product design are the two elements that joined to create GOBIK in 2010. Nowadays our Project is a reality that breathes personality and innovation. Based on the idea that style and technology are not only compatible but complementary and necessary, we search a product that’s unique and different. Gobik is born from hard work, experience and shared emotions shared with our team, clients and all the riders who test our garments in competitions and races. Web et for a sustained and sustainable develop. Our efforts and constancy lead us to achieve new challenges day by day...

SPIUK Sportline’s main objective is to offer a top quality product to all cyclists wishing to avail of the latest advances in technology at a price they can afford. Spiuk provides our team with all the essential gear we need to ride efficiently, safe and comfortable.

Mountain bike orienteering and multisport are sports that require special equipment, like for instance mapholders suited to tough cycling. Nordenmark products are used, developed and continuosly improved by world class athletes in montain bike orienteering, adventure racing and ski orienteering. We are proud to be one of the Nordenmark Adventure embassators. Their mapholders make our navigation more efficient and accurate. 

Breakaway Training is premier mulisport coaching team. Breakaway Training works with all types of athletes ranging from Elite level to beginners  located all over the world. In 2014 Breakaway Training will be working closely with our team in order to improve our fitness skills. 

Mallorca 312 is one of the most famous sportives in Europe. No surprise really, given that it’s held in one of the world’s most spectacular cycling destinations on totally closed roads.

It’s also got a reputation for being one of the hardest amateur cycling events out there. The full 312-kilometre route includes over 5,000m of climbing! That’s a big day out by anyone’s standards.

In 2006 Dawid decided to design a PFD (Personal Floatation Device, or commonly referred to as a Lifejacket) that would meet safety requirements but not at the expense of performance. The MOCKE PFD was soon followed by other products all of which are designed with performance in mind. In 2012, after having the PFD certified according to ISO standards, Dawid launched the MOCKE brand and began supplying dealers and retailers worldwide.


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Pasokin is a bite-sized peanut butter snack packed with real and simple ingredients. Pasokin is Gluten - Free, Vegan, Non-GMO Verified and free of preservatives. Made with convenience in mind, this bite-sized peanut butter snacks are super easy to carry with you on hikes, to meetings, or in your gym bag. 

Seland is a worldwide leader in wetsuits which are suitable for many different water sports. We take our customized Seland wetsuits to go canyoning, whitewater kayaking and swimming. They provide us the warmth necessary combined with great freedom of movement to perform at our best in the competitions.

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