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Columbia Vidaraid makes history in Ecomotion Pro 2013.

It seemed impossible to beat the best adventure racing team in the world, the kiwi team Seagate. In fact, nobody had accomplished it over the past years. Thus, it really only looked like an impossible mission, because the kiwis had to face Columbia Vidaraid, a very ambitious team, greatly prepared for the race and aiming at working hard to get the title.

The race started as expected, the kiwi team took the lead and started to increase their difference in relation to the other teams. However, after the first night, things started to change. Seagate got lost in the Atlantic Forest and Columbia Vidaraid was then the race leader.

The team compounded by the Brazilians Barbara Bomfim and Marco Amselem and the Basques Jon Ander Arambalza and Urtzi Iglesias, managed to increase their advantage conquered on the first night throughout the 600 km course swimming, paddling, running and mountain biking.

Nothing was guaranteed until the very end of the race.. The last sections of the race were very competitive, with the kiwis pushing very hard trying to catch up with Columbia Vidaraid. Their difference decreased so much that things could completely change on the last section of the race, a 55 km kayaking.

However, things did not change and Columbia Vidaraid crossed the finish line in the first position, 1h28min ahead of Seagate and nearly 4h ahead the third team, the Brazilian BMS. Columbia Vidaraid won his spot at the Adventure Racing World Championship to be held in Costa Rica, in December 2013, and is arriving there very confident.


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